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Newest Addition to my Productivity Arsenal

WriteThat.name - save any contacts from the webStop disrupting your workflow to add new contacts to your address book.   You’re too busy for the copy – paste – copy – paste – reformat, followed by 5 minutes trying to figure out what you were doing before you paused to update your contacts.

I utilize an arsenal resources to maximize productivity so when I saw a Lifehacker post titled, “WriteThat.name grabs contact info anywhere on the web,” I was intrigued.

Sign up with your email address and download the extension if you use Chrome.  Copy any contact info you find online and paste it to the app.  WriteThat.name reformats the material, helps you edit details and save the new contact with 1-click.  The app syncs to your address book to permit automatic updates  or you can review/approve changes before they are made.  It’s like auto-pilot for your address book!

WriteThat.name also offers add-ons that synchronize with Salesforce, Outlook, and can even search your old emails for contacts.  Still not convinced?  Add me to your contacts with 1-click using the link below and send me a message.  I’m happy to discuss my experience and answer your questions!

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Mid-Week Motivation: Everything Started As Nothing

You don’t need to start a business or invent a new product to be an entrepreneur.  “Everything Started As Nothing” presents a clear message that entrepreneurship is about a mindset.  You do not need to start a business or invent a new technology to be an entrepreneur.  Just think different.

The work week is already half-over.  Can you believe it?  Stop telling yourself “nobody is working this week.” Think different.  How can you be productive?  What can you accomplish this week while everyone makes excuses to avoid working?


Think different.

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Top 10 Websites You Know You Should Be Using but You Don’t!

Internet toolsEveryone wants to offer advice, uncover little-known resources and introduce websites that require more of your valuable time.  Many professionals overlook important and productive activities because they are too busy trying testing the next tool or website that claims to save time, maintain organization or improve productivity.


These are the 10 sites you are overlooking because you are too busy wasting time elsewhere and don’t realize what you are missing.  My favorite thing about the list is that it is “time-neutral”.  I’ll explain afterwards, but if you follow and execute the list it should become obvious.  I even threw in some bonus tools for good measure.  Start with the first 10, then move on to the bonus resources:

  1. Evernote – it’s not just for project management!  Download the app to your phone and use it to quickly save reminders, links, or content you want to share.
  2. IFTTT – don’t waste time posting and re-posting your content to multiple social networks.  Set up recipes using IFTTT to share content across several platforms with a single click.
  3. Quora – it’s LinkedIn Discussions on steroids.
  4. Google Plus – your profiles syncs with a Google account.  Strengthen your brand and social influence.  90 million+ members is no joke!
  5. Academia.edu – an academic approach to developing your brand.Crazy clock
  6. Yelp – establish yourself as a trusted source of feedback.  You offer your opinion through conversation anyways so you may as well reap the benefits of social influence.
  7. Foursquare – the easiest way to get on the mobile marketing bandwagon.  It’s a growing trend you can’t ignore.
  8. Google Voice – create a free account and use your Google Voice number to track response rates from specific advertising campaigns.
  9. About.me – build a customized landing page for you or your business in less than 30-minutes.
  10. Cloud Storage Services – I wrote about how I use cloud storage services.  Whether you use Dropbox, Drive or Box, all of your files should be backed-up properly and accessible from anywhere with internet access.

Before you continue to the bonus resources, read through the first list again.  Evernote, IFTTT, Google Voice and cloud storage are all tools that should save you time.  These tools help offset the little extra time required to execute the rest of your list.  Now that you are on a path to success, check out some of the bonus resources:

Checklist accomplishedBonus Resources:

  • Hootsuite
  • Mailexpire.com – avoid inbox clutter with temporarily email addresses that expire when you want
  • GifSoup.com
  • Ted Talks
  • StumbleUpon


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Respond to every email in half the time with better results

 email signatureEmails sent from a mobile device get a free pass.  You don’t face criticism for a brief, albeit effective, response.  Additionally, one can easily avoid a tedious back-and-forth email chain.  Each of these benefits is linked to a single common phrase that gets you off the hook:

“Sent from my mobile device”

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Soft White Light Bulbs Are Hurting Your Productivity

natural bright white bulbs vs warm soft white bulbsI see the light! I see the light!  How did the routine chore of changing a light bulb completely change the feel of my home office?  Although I am constantly exploring ways to create the ideal work environment, I experienced a small change that we often overlook and it can have a dramatic emotional and physical affect. Continue reading

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Add-ons make my Gmail better than yours

Dan Leavitt google profileI can’t magically claim YourName@gmail.com because you just came out from hiding under your rock.  Get over it.  Maybe you just realized that the world runs on Gmail.  Nice to have you on the bandwagon.  Pay attention so you can save time, know who sends you mail, who reads the mail you send,  and do all of this  for free through your Gmail account (is there any other option?).

Here are my tips for Gmail dominance:

  1. Use priority inbox and tags.  I tag important tasks and events so I can keep those items at the top of my inbox.  This is a great productivity tool that helps me stay focused and prioritize.  That email chain from your college friends can wait so it should remain at the bottom with your “other” email.
  2. Rapportive.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  A computer mishap deleted all of my Chrome extensions, including Rapportive.  It took exactly three new incoming emails for me to realize that I had no clue who was contacting me.  Rapportive searches for social links tied to an email address and build a short profile in the sidebar of Gmail.  Users may see a profile picture pulled from a public LinkedIn profile and a one-click option to connect with the sender on Facebook, Twitter, and other networking tools.
  3. Say “yes” to Yesware.  Email tracking is not only for marketers and salespeople.  Admit it, you want to know who opens the emails you send.  Yesware does that and more!  Track up to 100 emails for free or upgrade to unlimited for only $4.95/mo.  Initially I only used my free resources, and we know I’m a sucker for free tools online, but I’m seriously considering an upgrade because the information is very telling and valuable!
  4. Labs are like abs.  Fitness experts stress the importance of core strength, so utilizing Labs (under settings) is like showing off your 6-pack.  These are experimental features that Google is testing – some good, some bad, but that’s the point.  Some favorites I enable include:
    • Calendar widget – it’s nice to have your calendar open in the same window as your email, particularly if you’re scheduling a meeting or appointment.
    • Picasa and Flickr previews – view photo previews when an email contains a link to either image sharing website.
    • Undo send – we’ve all been there before, ‘reply all’ mistakes ring a bell?
    • Yelp previews – is the place any good?  Emails with Yelp listings will show a preview and avoid opening a new tab or window.

I don’t pay for any of these additional features.  Some services give you the option to pay for additional capabilities, but my FREE setup works just fine.  Leave me a comment once you implement these changes and they blow your mind.  Let me know your favorites that I’m missing!


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Evernote changed my life

Evernote logoPost-Its, written lists, bookmarking, color-coding, email reminders – I’ve tried them all.  An early lesson on productivity taught me the importance of using a system.  Whether it’s losing a Post-It, too many lists, or disorganized bookmarks, every system has its pitfalls.  Evernote is my savior.

I’m still an amateur ‘Evernoter’ so the veterans may know more tricks to maximize the effectiveness of this application.  Share your great ideas in the comment section below!  For starters, it takes 2 minutes to download the app and set up a new account.  Start a new ‘note’ and you’ll see that you can ‘tag’ each item you save.  Tags are a great way to link notes that share a common thread.  Consistently using tags will help you find the information you’re looking for among all your notes.  Take organization a step further with ‘notebooks’ that group notes under a single topic or project.  The functionality is limitless, but my basic uses include:

  • Food shopping lists
  • Saving websites to visit later
  • A notepad for my occasional strokes of genius
  • Consolidating content and materials that I plan to use in the near future
  • Project management – using different notebooks for each

I’ve even started using IFTTT to backup my notes in Dropbox and take advantage of all that free storage I own.  With everything organized, tagged, and backed up, now I can devote more time to managing my fantasy football team that is in a tie for 1st place.  Who knew a couples fantasy football league could be so fun?

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