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Apps for Business I Could Not Live Without

With thousands of apps at your fingertips it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Most people quickly realize they have no use for 9 out of 10 apps available in the marketplace.  In this complex world of productivity tools, social media, reminders, and mobile access, each of us discovers a select group of apps that become a key component in our lives and life without them seems unbearable.


mobile business appWhen you’re not scrolling through pictures of your ex on Facebook or begging friends to help harvest your farm, there is a wide selection of apps for business, productivity, and organization.  It’s time to get down to business and there are different apps for different chaps, so my favorites won’t suit everyone but I encourage you to test them and share your own favorites below.



  1. Dropbox – store pictures, phone/security backups, passwords, team files, you name it.  I have to rank Dropbox over Evernote because of all the bonus space I’ve earned. (50 Gigs – boom!)
  2. Evernote – keep notes organized, tag/label items you’ll need in the future, or bookmark articles to read later.  View/Edit/Save material to your Evernote account while logged-in using any browser or access the same material while you’re away from your desk using a phone or tablet. Evernote


  1. Skype – inexpensive international calling from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  2. Google VoiceGoogle Voice – can’t get messages while you’re out of the office?  Use Google Voice to have voicemails transcribed and delivered to your email inbox.  Similar to Skype, Google Voice also offers inexpensive international calls.
  3. Whats App Messenger – send text messages to any phone anywhere across the globe for free!


  1. TripIt – email flight, hotel, car rental, or any other confirmation to TripIt and the information will be neatly organized into a trip itinerary.  Stop carrying copies of your confirmations everywhere you go.  Download the TripIt app and have your itinerary at your fingertips.
  2. Kayak – my favorite app and website for searching flights.  Easily select your criteria and within seconds you have a list of all flights from most major airlines.
  3. Uber – refuse to fight for a cab?  Limited budget but want to show up for your meeting in style?  Go Uber!  Uber will signal a cab, towncar, or van (set your own preferences) and using the magic of GPS your ride will pick you up at your current location for a small surcharge.  You’ll never hail a taxi again! Uber


There are several other apps that help me get through the work day, but the aforementioned list should be part of everyone’s bag of tricks.  Commit to using a couple of the apps on my list for the next week and let me know how it goes.  Is there an app I need in my life?  Let me know in the comments section below.




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Dropbox, Drive, or Box for storage?

Google Plus Dan Leavitt iconI am a hoarder of free storage.  I’ll take whatever I can get and certainly don’t need.  A few recent changes to how I use my abundance of online storage space may help justify my behavior.

It started with Dropbox, then Google Drive, and now Box.com.  A quick scan showed I was using a fraction of 1% of the storage I had available.  Not one for gluttony, I used IFTTT to create rules that sync my photo albums, blogs, and “artistic” Instagram material.  Dropbox is now my destination for long-term storage and files that I rarely access.  I use Drive for regular use and storing business material.  After one week I am using over 1% of my available space with room to spare and there are no concerns about “losing” files.

Although Box.com is out of the mix, I’m certain the free space will be a constant temptation.  In fact, I just received an email that Dropbox awarded me 48GB of free storage as part of a promotion.  You win cloud storage, YOU WIN!  I’m back to a fraction of 1%.

With the abundance of storage options and limitless available space we can only fault people who don’t take advantage.  “My computer crashed and I lost everything” is no longer an excuse.  I guess “my dog ate my cloud storage” doesn’t carry too much weight either!


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