Mid-Week Motivation: Nike “I Can” Commercial

We do everything in our power to avoid watching commercials — DVR shows to skip commercials, channel surf, make unnecessary trips to the kitchen, and we even pay a premium to watch channels that air 30 or 60-minute shows that are not interrupted by advertisements every 7-minutes.  Occasionally the advertisers hit a homerun and manage to captivate our attention: Dos Equis created an icon, while CocaCola spread happiness, and Old Spice hit paydirt with one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book when they introduced a half-naked Isaiah Mustafa promoting Old Spice body wash.


For years Nike has inspired viewers by creating a brand that is synonymous with success, perseverance, and optimal performance.  The “I Can” campaign reminds us that we can overcome obstacles and adversity.  The 60-second video highlights the struggles that precede great accomplishments.  Nike only needed two words to accomplish their mission and empower a captivated audience, “I Can.”


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