Mid-Week Motivation: 212 Degrees – The Extra Degree

“212 Degrees – The Extra Degree” went viral a few years ago but it remains one of my favorite motivational videos.  Whenever I’m tempted to slack-off or don’t want to make the extra effort to exceed expectations on a project I think about this video.  It’s all about the difference one degree can make.  Even the slightest change in behavior, a brief lapse of judgement, or a minor let-down can change everything.  The point of this Mid-Week Motivation is to urge you not to coast through Thursday and Friday.  If you’re tempted to relax a bit as the week winds down, I encourage you to consider how different the outcome of your week will be if you ease-up even one degree.


“It’s the extra degree of effort that’s a simple, yet powerful concept.”


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