A Perfect Social Media Strategy in 2 Hours or Less (Part 2)

social networking cartoon bubblesNow that you created an identity and general online presence, it’s time to focus on maximizing the impact of your efforts.  There are hundreds of social sites, profile pages, and databases that you will never have time to monitor.  With a solid framework in place, steps 6-10 are designed to optimize your results, protect your image, and measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

Steps 6-10 that complete your 2-hour social media makeover (see steps 1-5):

6.  Go Pro.  Professionals rely on social media for prospecting, hiring, and monitoring their brand.  Maintaining a professional image and establishing credibility are simple.  If nothing else, create a LinkedIn profile with your name, company, and position.  Joining groups, answering questions, and receiving recommendations are additional steps to improve your presence in the business world.  Use Quora and About.me to establish additional credibility and create your professional footprint.
7.  Become a trusted source.  Everyone has an opinion.  Reviews and feedback influence our decisions every day – Oprah’s O List, political polls, restaurant recommendations.  Establish yourself as a trusted source of information.  Start by posting your feedback on Yelp or Google.  Add details and examples to increase the value of your reviews.
8.  Drunk failA picture is worth a thousand words.  Too much to drink at a wedding?  The awkward headshot for your high school soccer team?  Don’t spend hours perfecting profile content only to have it destroyed by the first picture of you that people see.  Post a public photo album using Picasa or create a YouTube channel so you can control the material available to the public.  Photos and videos are also a great way to add depth to your social profile online.
9.  Be in the know.  You cannot always control the materials other people post.  Set your notifications on each profile so you’re aware of photos, comments, and other material tied to your identity.  Sign up for emails from Google Alerts to receive emails each time your name or alias shows up somewhere online.
10.  Where do you rank?  Before you started this makeover you were virtually non-existent.  The purpose of establishing an online identity and social media strategy is to improve your presence and influence others.  Sites like Klout, KredStory, and TrustCloud use complex algorithms to measure your prominence and impact on the online community.  Use this information to find areas you can improve and see where you stack up against others!

Steps 6, 7, and 8 represent trifecta #2 and should be a secondary focus in your overall social media strategy.  Steps 9 and 10 are designed to measure and monitor.  It took you less than 2 hours to go from social zero to social hero, but you’re not done yet!  A successful social media strategy requires commitment.  Once you’ve established a presence, neglecting your online identity is worse than not having one.  Stay current, provide content, create interactions and don’t use social networks as an excuse to procrastinate!  Revisit these steps in 30 days to see if you are still on track!

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