Soft White Light Bulbs Are Hurting Your Productivity

natural bright white bulbs vs warm soft white bulbsI see the light! I see the light!  How did the routine chore of changing a light bulb completely change the feel of my home office?  Although I am constantly exploring ways to create the ideal work environment, I experienced a small change that we often overlook and it can have a dramatic emotional and physical affect.

The role of lighting in the work environment has been the subject of numerous studies.  A tremendous amount of data supports the physical and emotional effects of illumination.  Even my fellow night-owls can appreciate the value of bright white light, or daylight, but have you ever stopped to consider the lighting quality in your workspace?  Take a minute to compare a soft white bulb to a bright white bulb.

9 out of 10 cubicle dwellers agree that bright white (natural) illumination yields an ideal work environment.  On the contrary, soft white (warm) illumination makes them want to curl up and take a nap under their desk (I just completely made up those statistics, but I’m sure there is a study with similar findings out there!).

As much as I appreciate the Google add-ons and dual monitor setup, my new found appreciation for proper lighting may be the most influential discovery on my quest to maximize productivity.

The video below provides an excellent visual demonstration of the difference between bright white and soft (warm) white illumination:


Photo Credit: eHow

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