How Do You Work?

home office dual monitor setupDo you do it at your desk?  Do you do it on your bed?  Do you do it standing?  How do you work? (Ok, get your head out of the gutter!)

My workspace is a more minimalist environment.  I am easily distracted by clutter so the only items on my desk are the ones I use often.  A dual monitor setup is fantastic.  The monitor on the right is for passive monitoring.  Meanwhile, I use the center monitor for the activity I’m working on.  The desk is from IKEA and forms an “L” in the corner (but that side of the desk is messy so I cut it out of the picture – out of site out of mind!).  It is a simple but effective space that is conducive to my work style and keeps me focused as much as possible.  I’m contemplating a bold move to a standing desk, but I need a creative solution to repurpose my desk to achieve that setup.  Any suggestions are welcome!

How do you work?  Do you have a setup at home where you can be productive and stay engaged with the office?  I’m a huge geek when it comes to work spaces and office supplies. (my family gets me Staples gift cards for the holidays – how pathetic!)  Ideas and suggestions are welcome, or you can just poke fun at my horrible photography skills!


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2 responses to “How Do You Work?

  1. Had the exact desk in my first house. Great setup – now I just go with a nice comfy couch, lots of desk space and my sports memorabilia, and a stocked fridge. A man cave for work.

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