Evernote changed my life

Evernote logoPost-Its, written lists, bookmarking, color-coding, email reminders – I’ve tried them all.  An early lesson on productivity taught me the importance of using a system.  Whether it’s losing a Post-It, too many lists, or disorganized bookmarks, every system has its pitfalls.  Evernote is my savior.

I’m still an amateur ‘Evernoter’ so the veterans may know more tricks to maximize the effectiveness of this application.  Share your great ideas in the comment section below!  For starters, it takes 2 minutes to download the app and set up a new account.  Start a new ‘note’ and you’ll see that you can ‘tag’ each item you save.  Tags are a great way to link notes that share a common thread.  Consistently using tags will help you find the information you’re looking for among all your notes.  Take organization a step further with ‘notebooks’ that group notes under a single topic or project.  The functionality is limitless, but my basic uses include:

  • Food shopping lists
  • Saving websites to visit later
  • A notepad for my occasional strokes of genius
  • Consolidating content and materials that I plan to use in the near future
  • Project management – using different notebooks for each

I’ve even started using IFTTT to backup my notes in Dropbox and take advantage of all that free storage I own.  With everything organized, tagged, and backed up, now I can devote more time to managing my fantasy football team that is in a tie for 1st place.  Who knew a couples fantasy football league could be so fun?

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