Why you need the iPhone5

iPhone addictsYou can provide me with a list of reasons, “bigger screen, it’s thinner, new colors, or 4G,” but we know the truth: you’re an Apple addict!  What does that even mean Dan?  You know exactly what it means.  Before you can test the product or read reviews you’ll wait in line for hours to pre-order the new iPhone5 because you need it.  Apple does an exceptional job protecting it’s brand and keeps loyal customers begging for more.

I am the proud new owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3.  Friends with iPhones see my phone and ask, “what phone is that?”  Part of them feels guilty if they like a product that doesn’t bear the signature Apple logo.  It’s like going to the beach, you don’t want to look but everyone is curious.  It’s time for Apple addicts to stop denying their addiction.  Acknowledging the problem is the first step!  Maybe I’ll start a 12-step “Apple Recovery Program”.  It should be easy to find new members – they’re swarming every Apple store right now.

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