The Elderly Supermarket Salesman

Greatest generation salesman“The Boss” gave me instructions to pick up a few items at the grocery store so we wouldn’t starve to death this week.  The place was more hectic than usual, which I can only assume was due to the large number of men shopping who clearly have no clue where to find anything in the store.  (Is it acceptable for guys to stop and ask for directions in the supermarket?)  In the battle to find the shortest checkout line, I found myself behind a friendly older man that made it clear this was not his first rodeo.

He was prepared to engage anyone who would listen, including the poor cashier who wasn’t expecting such an detailed response to her standard “how are you?”  Simply Orange juiceI learned that the man was retired and it was evident that food shopping was his mission for the day.  I was caught off-guard when he quickly turned to me and said, “You ever have this?  It’s the best.”  After an awkward moment, I nodded in agreement at the Simply Orange juice carton he was holding.  Next, he placed a small pre-cooked cornish hen on the counter and commented, “these are great, my wife doesn’t like to cook anymore.”  I was tempted to grab one for myself.  He paid his bill, turned to me,  and said “don’t forget to give those a try!”

That gentleman turned an otherwise ordinary trip to the store into a valuable reminder.  A passionate and confident salesperson is captivating and difficult to turn down.

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