Dropbox, Drive, or Box for storage?

Google Plus Dan Leavitt iconI am a hoarder of free storage.  I’ll take whatever I can get and certainly don’t need.  A few recent changes to how I use my abundance of online storage space may help justify my behavior.

It started with Dropbox, then Google Drive, and now Box.com.  A quick scan showed I was using a fraction of 1% of the storage I had available.  Not one for gluttony, I used IFTTT to create rules that sync my photo albums, blogs, and “artistic” Instagram material.  Dropbox is now my destination for long-term storage and files that I rarely access.  I use Drive for regular use and storing business material.  After one week I am using over 1% of my available space with room to spare and there are no concerns about “losing” files.

Although Box.com is out of the mix, I’m certain the free space will be a constant temptation.  In fact, I just received an email that Dropbox awarded me 48GB of free storage as part of a promotion.  You win cloud storage, YOU WIN!  I’m back to a fraction of 1%.

With the abundance of storage options and limitless available space we can only fault people who don’t take advantage.  “My computer crashed and I lost everything” is no longer an excuse.  I guess “my dog ate my cloud storage” doesn’t carry too much weight either!


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