The New World of Advertising

CREATIVE GUERRILLA MARKETING– “…brands still do exactly that. Beleaguering and bombarding us with their over the top commercials.  Advertising is still a world that overflows with deceitful babble and blah-blah, and in such a world, nothing sticks.  Too slick makes sleazy. Too airy makes empty.  And all of this makes you long for bumps and pits to stumble in and fall over. Wish for unconventional, rattling ads that are relevant and engaging: guerrilla marketing.”

The advertising world is more fake than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s romance (also see: publicity whores).  What if every product worked as advertised?  What if every promotion generated an instant buzz? The answer to both questions is that many marketers would be out of a job.  Commercial broadcasting is becoming less effective as consumers gravitate towards conversation and interaction.  Nobody trusts television commercials anymore (except my grandmother, she will buy any infomercial product you show her).  We ask a friend’s for a recommendation, read Yelp reviews, or browse customer comments on a Facebook page before making our decision.

Many self-proclaimed experts, gurus, and wizards of SEO were thrown for a loop when Google released the Panda update, followed by the Penguin series of updates in April of this year.  The takeaway is simple: Create instead of fabricate.  Any company can claim they offer a great product, but can the company inspire their customers to boast about their experience?  Coca-Cola was ahead of the curve with their “Open Happiness” campaign.  Since 2006 we’ve been praising “The Most Interesting Man in the World” and the creativity of Dos Equis.  And we can’t forget how Isaiah Mustafa and Old Spice used a “stripped-down” campaign that inspired celebrities Alyssa Milano, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ashton Kutcher to partake.  A successful campaign needs to captivate and inspire – grab the audience’s attention and drive them to interact.  I’m on a horse!

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