Couples Fantasy Football

Sunday night marked the beginning of a 5-month adventure for me and my wife.  Along with 13 other couples, we decided to go where few couples have gone before.  There will be arguments and nights spent on the couch.  Relationships will be tested.  And only one couple will emerge victorious.  That’s right, my wife and I joined a couples fantasy football league.

How do you “share” responsibility with someone who can barely sit through a 4-quarter game?  I have no clue.  Although I used the opportunity to convince my wife that NFL RedZone is an essential tool to properly manage a fantasy football enterprise.  Understanding the importance of even the slightest competitive advantage, she made the right decision so will have a top notch command center to monitor our team’s performance throughout the season.  She may not understand why it is foolish to draft the Patriots Defense in the 3rd round, but she does not hesitate to invest in the appropriate tools needed to maintain an elite program.

We survived the draft and our team looks strong to quite strong.  Let’s see how we handle the first catastrophic injury or irrational trade proposal.  I’ll plan ahead and expect to spend that night on the couch!

Couples Fantasy Football

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